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Like a Child

I graduated about a month ago. The event was incredible. The feelings that it elicited cannot be explained--even if I had tried to write about it right after it happened. The path that I had been on for the past two years has finally ended--of course emotions went wild. It was always a difficult path; In all of that time I had never had a chance to really relax or even reflect on what was going on around me. It was like being in the back seat of a taxi cab--one where the driver would take quick left turns without warning and speed down avenues of which you had never known about.

And that taxi came to a screaching halt on May 13th.

For about a week after graduation I didn't know what to do with myself. Everything that was my life for two years was no more and I was at a complete loss.

Long before graduation, Stephanie and I had planned a "graduation vacation." On May 23rd we embarked on this most excellent of adventures--whoa--which entailed a plane, a hotel, a rental car…