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It's New Year's Day. And this posting is going to be a predictable thinking-about-the-past-year type of posting. It can't be helped.

I just re-read my posting on this day last year. I was surprised by what I read. I really wasn't expecting to find any differences between my current self and my last-year self, but I did. I grew, in certain ways. And that is promising.

For starters, I was having a lot of trouble last year with my live sound (PA system, reverb, etc.). I had received some pedals for my birthday and I absolutely could not get them to sound right at all. Recently, however, I have had no trouble setting up my live sounds for gigs and, in fact, have been quite pleased and confident with the way my live sound turns out.

It feels good to know that I've grown in the past year and am moving in the right direction. Getting better at things is definitely promising.

2008 was a pretty good year for me overall. I worked steadily for the entire year, which is something…