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I hate ragweed. On my way to work every day, I pass this house where there is some ragweed growing in the side yard. Every day, I silently curse this person and swear to return with a flame thrower...

At the moment, my allergies aren't bothering me too much. I took sudafed, allegra, clariton, flonase, and astelin. I was in bad shape at work and decided to take some sick time. That's when I came home and popped the sudafed, took a nap, and am now feeling better. People at work explained that the weather was shifting and that could also be a partial cause to my earlier discomfort.

My hope is that I am in decent shape for Saturday's famer's market gig... I haven't been practicing because of the allergy problems I've been having, but I have continued playing at open mic.

This past week, I played I'm Alive by Jackson Browne. I will probably play that song again this week because my mom is going to be there and she is a big Jackson Browne fan.

Not a lot else to blo…