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The Snow and Mother Nature's Evil Plot to Destroy Me... Oh, and Also a Video

I am lying on my bed in a heap of exhaustion after cleaning out the six plus inches from my driveway.

It is still snowing...

I'm tired and angry that mother nature is out to destroy me and my personal life. True, I kicked her ass and defied her many a time before. And while I won the battle of my driveway for now, I have resolved myself to give up on my plans for tonight.

All this week, I have been looking forward to today. Railbird and Sean Rowe dual CD release show in Albany. Not only was I totally looking forward to this show (Railbird has a pretty engaging sound and Sean Rowe recently reached a huge musician milestone by getting signed by a pretty big label), but I was also meeting up with someone who I had also met up with the week before.

Are you happy mother nature? You got me. Now, you owe me big time. How about a little sunshine sooner than expected?

I am so tired of winter and so desperately in need of some sunshine that I bought a car air freshener that smells like sun tan…