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I Have Become Comfortably Numb

This past Thursday at Lena's was a little overwhelming, and as such, I did not interview anyone for Inside the Open Mic. I did receive some nice compliments on my editing of Episode 8, which features Gail Sparlin. That video, as well as the others, can be viewed from the following link:

I played Falling Slowly by The Swell Season and Walking; Standing Still, which is one of my own. I played Walking; Standing Still at a faster more rock-based tempo than I usually do. I also changed some of the words around to help it fit better with the tempo. I like the changes and I may play that version of that song more often. In fact, I played that version for a (very critical of my music) friend last night and, when the song finished, he asked, "Who is that by?" Which I take to be a compliment.

Currently, my thoughts are kind of jumbled... and I feel a little bit out-of-touch, which -- when combined -- makes it difficult for me to come up with thin…