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Land of the Lost

Do you ever wonder what happens to the people who disappear from the face of the planet? Not the missing person, FBI is involved, people. The people who you text and talk to on the phone and hang out with on some regular basis, who suddenly stop texting, talking to, and hanging out with you.

I have quite a few people in mind, who -- over the past year or so -- came in to my life for one reason or another, communicated with me regularly for a period of time, and then disappeared...

I like to think that they are all in some purgatory-esque land together where they spend all of their time talking about me...

Girl A: "Whoa... wait a sec. Where am I?"

Girl B: "Hi there. You must be a former of acquaintance, friend, lover, etc. of James Frederick. Welcome to 'James Who? Land.'"

Girl A: "How did I get here?"

Girl B: "Simple. You either stopped returning James' calls or stopped responding when he texted you. There is even one girl here who pretended th…