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Photo Dump / Catch Up

I have not been sleeping good this week at all and because of this, I feel somewhat like a zombie. Adding to this is the myriad of allergy medications that I'm taking at various intervals. Allergy season has really sucked -- especially this past week.

Last night, was mild (for allergies), but for some reason, I still couldn't sleep. I zombied myself through most of today, got out of work and took a much needed nap. Now, I'm in Saratoga (again) for a friend's CD release show at Putnam Den. Mike Grutka, is releasing a brand new album tonight along with a not-quite-as-new-but-still-new-this-year one. Ria came out earlier this year and is just a wall of sound (I think he used like 200 instruments on track one alone!). February Sessions, was written throughout the month of, er... February as part of an album writing challenge. I'm interested in hearing this one and wonder if he recorded it similarly to the last album or if he did something different since they are releas…