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Four -- Only Four Ways

I came across this article titled Four Ways to Sweep Him Off His Feet (never mind that I found it in Cosmo magazine, and nevermind why I read it either). What I find intriguing about the article is that it only mentions "four" ways to get a guy -- only four. And that is because it doesn't really take a whole lot. Truth be told, as I read the list I thought to myself, "if I could find a woman who would do one of these things once a month, I would think I found the holy grail." It's true. These are the four things that a woman needs to do. Just four. Only four things. Four. That's all. Seriously. There aren't any more.

Something else that I thought was, "why don't they have 'Four Ways to Sweep HER Off HER Feet'?" And then I answered it.

If there were only "four" things that a man had to do to win a woman, life would be easy. Simple. Fun. Enjoyable. However, my jaded self is here to tell you that you have to do a lot more…