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*cough* *cough* *sneeze* *cough*

Home. Ill. High on Sudafed, etc. Not swine flu (I hope). I woke up feeling kinda crappy, yesterday. By the time I got home from work, I was totally spent and laid on the couch until it was late enough to take NyQuil -- except that we didn't have NyQuil and I took Sudafed and Tylenol PM, which when put together almost equals NyQuil, instead.

I woke up this morning feeling much, much worse than yesterday. Called in sick. Went back to sleep. It's noon now and I have been out of bed twice. Once to go to the bathroom, have a vitamin, and get more juice. The second time contained all of the same things that the first one did, except I also had some toast and decided to sit down at my laptop for a little bit.

Right now, my head feels a little bit like a balloon. And I'm sort of worried that if I let go of it, it will float away and never be reunited with my body, which is too tired right now to chase after the floating head balloon.

Being ill means I can't go to Lena's tonig…

Cherry Stems

I always thought that tying a knot in a cherry stem using only your tongue was an incredibly difficult thing to do that only a select percentage of the human population was able to accomplish. As it turns out, mediocre songwriters -- like myself -- are also able to do this feat.

I discovered that I can, in fact, tie a knot in cherry stem with my tongue this past Thursday at open mic. Here is how it happened:

Willie the Moak's wife baked brownies and brought them to the open mic. Willie turned them into brownie sundaes (which were incredibly delicious, I must say) with cherry's on top. I ate my sundae (after I advertised it to the crowd -- I was hosting) and found myself with an empty bowl except for a lone cherry stem. I put it in my mouth.

I don't know why it occurred to me at that particular time to try and tie it in a knot with my tongue. I guess when I saw the lonely, boringly-straight stem, my mind instantly thought "knot." Or, I simply remembered the feat of …


This has been a perfect weekend for taking naps. I napped for a few good hours yesterday (Saturday) from about 2 oclock to 4. Then I napped today on the back porch futon from 1 to 3. Midday napping is a wonderful thing. I feel as though proper napping is an art form. Perhaps it could be turned into an Olympic event some day (Yoga is...). I would train to be an Olympic napper. I think I'd have a chance at a gold medal.

Anyway, I am in bed now and it is the end of Sunday. (Typing in bed isn't easy...). I feel as if I could have been more productive today. For instance, I could have worked on Inside the Open Mic. I have two episodes in post production -- one of which is nearly completed. I also could have done some recording. Specifically, I need to record my parts of a few songs that a friend of mine and I are going to play at an upcoming event. He'll need to learn and practice the lead parts. My parts are pretty easy since most of them are my songs or songs that I cover fre…

Jitters Mix

I played at Jitters Cafe last night. Actually, I played in the evening. Oh -- I'm not dead, by the way. It was a full day of music from noon to nine and I played at about 5:30. It really was quite a great time and I was very excited about it. Firstly, I like Jitters. The food is awesome and so are the drinks. It's very colorful inside. The only downfall to Jitters is that it's cramped. Which is fine when there are 10 people there. When there are 20 or 25 people there, it is not fine. I'm a little claustrophobic when it comes to being in cramped spaces with lots of people. Even so, the music was great. I felt really good about being on the list of performers for the event. Gary Moon played. Kyle Blackowl organized the event and played. Lisa Every Month (which is easier to remember and spell than her last name). There were also some musicians whom I've heard via tracks on their myspace pages, but had never really seen or spoken to in person. Hannah Imbesi, for exampl…

April Fool's Joke

James Frederick died silently and peacefully in his home on April 1st. The cause of his death is unknown, but multiple prescription bottles were found around his bed and an intentional overdose is suspected.

The password to James' blog was easy enough to figure out: the title of one of his songs. It took me three tries to get in here. I have not, however been able to get into his myspace or his regular website or his email. Most likely, this will be the only way I can post more info about his life and unfortunately his death.

Some people may claim to have seen James around (at open mic, perhaps) on April 2nd or at work or playing at Jitters Cafe later today. That is most likely the ghost of James Frederick who his quite high on prescription medications and unable to actually realize that he is dead. Who knows how long he will continue to materialize at musical events. It may take a while for the drugs to wear off.

If you see the ghost of James Frederick playing and singing, don'…