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Stuff I Have Not Posted About, But Should Have

I have been behind on some happenings that I would typically have posted about if not for slightly more important things that I chose to post about instead. This should be a quick catch up.

First, I have had a couple interesting thoughts lately that I've captured in my pocket journal. Here they are:

I want to meet a man named 'Joe' and have dinner over at his house. Then, when people ask me what I did last night, I'll say, 'I ate at Joe's.'

I think it would be fun to sit in a public place (a park or busy sidewalk) and read 'Stalking: for Dummies.'

Sorry. I do have weird thoughts some times...

Any hoo. I had a gig at Jitters Cafe a couple weeks ago. It went well. I sounded great (in my own, and Stephanie's, opinion). There wasn't much of a crowd, but a family of three listened for quite a while. I didn't keep a set list. I often asked Stephanie for suggestions on what to play, which made things fun in a different-than-usual way. I played a new…