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Panera Bowls

I'm blogging from my phone. Yes. I got it fixed with Sprint thanks to a customer service person who could actually provide me with service. I'm at crossgates. Waiting for Harry Potter to start. We ate
dinner at Panera Bread, except for there wasn't any bread. Again. I often order soup in a bread bowl. Broccoli chedder soup. I love bread and I totally love cheese, which makes broccoli chedder soup
in a bread bowl a tasty dinner. However, the last four trips to Panera have ended with me being grumbley because they ';are out of bread bowls.'; As far as I'm concerned, Panera is 0 for 4 and might as
well change their sign to Panera Bowls.

Panera Bowls


It's been a very crazy week for me at work. With short deadlines and crises rising every minute, I was quite stressed by the time it got to be Thursday night (Open Mic Night!). Typically, I look forward to Thursdays rather than Fridays. There is nothing more refreshing that a relaxing night at Caffe Lena's Open mic. Which makes Fridays a breeze and then it's the weekend.

This past Thursday, however, was incredibly hectic at open mic. We had 28 performers on the list, which meant we had to cut down to a one-song night -- which sucks for multiple reasons: 1) the musician only gets to play one song. 2) the host has to run back up the stage every four or five minutes and doesn't get to sit down long enough to relax. And 3) more people on the list, means more people at Caffe, which makes the place quite crowded.

I hosted. And I felt like I was running around like a crazy person the whole night. The crowded-ness didn't help either. I get a little anxious in crowded areas.