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Moon & River

I played last Saturday at the Moon & River Cafe in Schenectady, NY. It's a great little place for music of the soft spoken variety, such as my own. However, this past Saturday, I played with Phil Drum, Dave Scheffel, and Bob Redman--three excellent muscicians who often play at Caffe Lena's open mic.

It was a cool show. We played loudly, though. Phil opened with a solo set; although, Dave joined him on harmonica for a song or three. Bob joined him once or twice as well. Then Bob played a set. He had Phil and Dave play along with quite a few of his songs. Then I played solo.

Here follows my set list with which musicians joined me on which songs:

In Your Dreams
Sink or Swim (W/Phil Drum)
Crayons (W/Dave Scheffel)
Breaking Free (W/Phil and Dave)
Phila Street Serenade (W/Phil, Bob, and Dave)

It was cool having others play along with my originals. Phil really nailed the solos and--dare I say it--fills on Sink or Swim and Dave played a nice back up harmonica on Crayons.