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Simple Theory

Last night, Stephanie and I saw Simple Theory (Maurizio and Brittany) at Mochablend. Wow. Firstly, they have a great sound set up. I'm envious. Secondly, Brittany has an absolutely awesome voice. Thirdly, they were more entertaining than a typical coffee house/cafe performer typically is (typical/typically -- I did that on purpose). I've always thought of Maurizio as being better than most; he's quite captivating. Now that he is playing with Brittany... they are just on the next level.

Here are some pictures:

I tried to take an artsy-ish picture by getting the candle light in the shot... it didn't really work out... (ps-that is a root beer bottle on the right)

Unfortunately, the lights were low for ambiance, which is not good for Razr camera phones.

This is a hot chocolate. I love the cup, and the foam is incredibly awesome!

The great sound set up, and being at Mochablend, has prompted me to *gasp* actually work on my own sound. I have been at it for an hour or so and I thi…