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I am recovering from a wicked sinus infection that--combined with the initial antibiotics that I was given--has completely wiped me out. You see, they first game me something called Levaquin. After just one does, however, I thought I was going to die. Without getting into too much detail, I was stricken with some of the worst stomach symptoms one can imagine. On top of that, my joints ached so bad I could barely walk; I had the shakes; my eyes went in and out of focus; and I had mild hallucinations (yes, mild). That was on Monday. It has taken the rest of the week just to get over those side effects. The second antibiotic is taking care of the sinus infection.

Before the illness, I played at Jitters Cafe as the opener for Ryan Jenson. First, let me say that Ryan is absolutely amazing! I have seen this guy play at open mics a few times and I have always thought that he was a great songwriter and entertaining performer. However, seeing him do a full show with 100% energy was downright un…