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The Weather PWNED Me

Regarding PWNED.

It is 12:48 am. I have not found myself awake at such a time in so long that I have forgotten the euphoric feeling associated with the complete lack of sleep that I currently suffer from. How did I get to this point? Read on.

This past Saturday was the beginning of a nor'easter (I am really liking wikipedia tonight! or is it morning?). Sunday morning I awoke to nasty snow, sleet, rain, etc. Which really sucked as I was scheduled to play at Slow Jed's from 12-2. Well, I had to cancel. But not before I packed up my car with all my gear and attempted to brave the wicked driving conditions. Once on the Thruway, I passed a car that was pulled over on the side of the road. About 10 minutes later, another car. This one appeared to have slid off the road. A few minutes more and there was a two car accident, both vehicles were off the road and facing directions that were not equivalent to the direction of traffic on that side of the Thruway. No more than a minute later, …