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Ain't That America

I'm taking a break from working on a song that is slowly developing to clear out some thoughts that are fogging my head.

I am sitting in Uncommon Grounds in Saratoga and it is the Fourth of July. The playlist that is subtly available for coffee and tea drinkers is a variety of songs about America. It's a nice touch.

The song that just finished playing was "Pink Houses" by John Mellencamp. I cover this song and rather love it for it's style and the point that it makes.

As it played in the background, behind the chatter of patrons and the brewing of coffee, I focused on every word and pondered the irony of it playing on a day called Independence Day.

Today is the biggest pro-America holiday that there is. Veteran's Day bring out a lot of America lovers, too, but the Fourth of July is definitely number one.

The reason we celebrate the Fourth of July doesn't need to be explained and there is really no need for me to express my thoughts on the Red, White, a…