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Of Which the Blogger Finds Himself With a Few Minutes and Nothing Better to Do.

I'm leaving to see Matchbox Twenty and Alanis Morissette (not enough time to look up the correct spelling of her name) and Mute Math in Albany. I'm leaving in... oh... five minutes. Stephanie has to get something done first and then we are set to go. We hope to get some quick shopping done first and then have enough time to hang around the Times Union Center with the intent of meeting one or more of the members of the aforementioned bands before the show. It's happened before. We met Rob Thomas. Jewel said "hi guys" to us. I've also met the band Tonic and the two guitarists from Matchbox Twenty a very long time ago. I've met some other lesser known musicans too, but I can't really remember them all.

I'm going to sneak a camera in (though, our seats aren't great). Even so, tomorrow, I hope to have a great blogging to do about tonight.

Wish me luck.