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Last night some friends of Stephanie came over to make sushi and tempura and eat it. I have had sushi before, of course, but have never made it myself. It proved to be fun -- five people around a table cutting vegetables, fish, and such, telling stories and making jokes. Particularly, jokes about the possible pronunciation of the wine that we were going to drink. Here is a picture:

Friday night was Rock Band 2 (as always). I decided to use some colored light bulbs to make stage lights. I also set up this neon guitar light that I have to add to the ambiance. Some might consider this to be a bit ridiculous. I don't.

And Thursday was quite possibly one of the best open mics ever! There was a very long list: 29 performers. I had to make the call that it was a one-song night, but I added that if people stuck around, I would go through the list again and let people play an additional song. There were a lot of great performances throughout the night and about seven or so performers stayed …