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The Trouble With Trips

Trips, vacations, and the like are wonderful and problematic.

For some reason, my mind associates taking a trip and/or a vacation as a next step or some sort of progression of my life. I find myself, in the time leading up to a trip/vacation, developing an I-no-longer-care-at-all-about-anything-current attitude, which I suppose is due to the misconception that I am leaving all of the current anythings behind. While it is true that current anythings are being left behind, my brain does not wish to allow the reality of the situation (that I will, in fact, be returning from the trip/vacation and, thus, will need to pick up where I left off, so I shouldn't leave too big of a mess) to be present in my thoughts.

This makes me wonder... is it just me? Or do we all have that sense of "moving on" from the current when we take a trip or vacation?

Sadly, trips and vacations are not permanent. They are not "next steps" to something other than the current. They are simpl…