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On the Fence

I'll be heading out in a little bit to attend a friend's end of summer BBQ. Haven't seen the friend in a while. Glad to be invited.

A little bit ago, I mowed the lawn. As I was just getting started, I noticed my neighbor with a camera in his backyard. Then I noticed a while string that ran the length of his property. He started moving his mouth (The lawn mower was loud and I had headphones in, mp3 player blasting). I shut off the lawn mower and took out my headphones. He explained that he was considering putting a fence up, which would segregate our backyards. His purpose for the fence was not to separate us (or make him more like Wilson from Home Improvement). Rather, he is getting old and has cancer and is attempting to make his yard care easier.

You see, I have three GINORMOUS (to borrow a hip-high-school-age-kid's word) pine trees in my backyard and they shed pine needles like mad in the fall. My neighbor always cleans them up out of his backyard in the spring so th…