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I'll be "emerging" this coming Wednesday (the 19th) at Caffe Lena's Emerging Artist Series. The show is at 7pm and features me and my guitar and my songs. I'm pretty excited about it. I've been playing at Lena's open mic for years and I love it there. The atmosphere is wonderful. It's not always easy to get a true gig at Lena's, however, because there are just so many songwriters and performers and genres and only certain of those are tested to bring in an audience. I'm hoping I get a decent crowd. I've put up flyers at the Caffe and Borders and Uncommon Grounds. I've also handed out some small flyers at the Caffe during open mic last week. I invited some co-workers and put up flyers at my job. I'm also planning on bringing my guitar to my training next week and trying to get a few other trainee's to come. And, of course, I sent out emails and bulletins on myspace. Perhaps, I'll send out another round of each.

I started work…