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Microphones... $@!%&*#

Thursday I went to the Best Buy where I had gotten my USB condenser mic. I returned the $!*#&$ thing because the recordings were coming out distorted. I attempted the tech support thing and was getting nowhere, so it went back to the store. I couldn't get my money back. They gave me store credit. I bought the one other USB condenser mic that they sell there. It's a Samson. It came with Cakewalk Sonar LE. It seems to be working.

What I'm disappointed about, however, is that the Sessions software that had come with M-Audio mic that I returned had had some nice presets for reverb and compression -- two things that I cannot figure out which way to dial the nobs for to get the sound I want. Which is why I liked the presets in Sessions. The presets in the new software are not so great. I'll have to play around with them (which sucks because I just don't have the amount of time I'd like to have to be able to fool around with things that I don't really know wha…