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Random Thoughts That Happen To Occur Late on a Sunday

Sunday night. Exhausted. I spent most of yesterday painting my garage and part of my house. Two friends were available to help me for a couple hours each. Overall, I painted for about five hours. My garage is now a dazzling white. So is the one part of my house that I did. When I started painting, I worked really hard. I was hopped up on coffee and adrenaline. I wanted to get it done as quickly as possible. When I was just about done, my body crashed. My friend, Bill -- who was there helping toward the end -- proposed the idea of hanging out by my fire pit when it got dark. He headed home to shower and pick up some beverages. I dragged myself into my own shower, put some clean clothes on, and went to pick up some food. Bill came back to my house at about eight o'clock and found me sleeping on porch swing in my backyard.

Backyard fires are wonderful. They illicit such introspection. Bill and I talked for a few hours, had some food, and had some drinks. I pulled out my guitar and p…