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Money For Nothing

I'm at work. Not really, though. I am getting paid to hang around at home this weekend and have the phone near me. I'm on-call. I've had a few "calls" but I don't have to do anything about them except assess the severity of the situation, call my supervisor for her assessment of the severity of the situation, and maybe make a note or two. Then, if there are enough calls, I go out and do work.

It's a great way to get paid. I'm currently watching The Who in concert on the High Def music channel. They are playing My Generation right now.

I've got quite a bit to post this week. There are pictures and what-not. Firstly, however, I am incredibly excited about July 7th. The Wallflowers are touring and will playing in Clifton Park that night. It's a Tuesday, and Wednesday is a work day, and Clifton Park is rather a good distance to travel from Johnstown. I am trying to work things out with work so that I can have Wednesday off (at least the morning of…