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Awkward Substitute Host

I filled in as awkward-substitute-host at open mic last night. I had the most fun I have ever had hosting and I had some great feedback from some of the audience members regarding my hosting. The most heart-warming of which came when I asked the audience: "Is everyone having a good time?" and there was a nice round of applause followed by some comments. One comment stood out and it was, "great host."

I took the following video while hosting (I explain why in the video, so I won't explain it again):

During my set, I played Passenger and Walking; Standing Still. I really tried to play dynamically. I think I was successful.

Stephanie took this picture:

I took this one of Maurizio playing Dan's guitar:

And this picture of Maurizio's peach:

And this picture of Stephanie reading about how the gas cap in her new car is supposed to have a little connector line attached to it and the car. It does not:

And here is a scan of the list:

It was a wonderful night at Lena'…