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Interesting or Witty Title Here

Wi-Fi frustrates me. Or at least, hooking my computer up to wireless connections at any place other than my house frustrates me. Last night, I went to Starbucks and spent about 45 minutes trying to figure out why, when I do everything I'm supposed to do to hook up to Wi-Fi, I couldn't hook up to the Wi-Fi. I discovered something else that I can try after I had left Starbucks. So, I'm going to try to find a local hot spot later today and try again.

Earlier that night, I frustrated an exasperated Gap employee. This occurred after I had sat down on a display of corduroy pants. I had a headache and I wasn't really into shopping (besides the fact that I had just been at the exact same Gap one week ago), so I sat down to rest while I waited for Stephanie to try on some jeans or something. Soon after, I noticed a Gap employee walking towards me pushing a cart. She stopped when she saw me. Turned around and walked toward another Gap employee. She threw her arms up and shook her…