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The Status of the Music

What am I doing with myself? I have no idea. It's funny how out of the blue a focus comes to you and then it disappears just as quickly leaving you with less direction than you had before.

Seven or so months ago, I was attempting to learn some new cover songs for my solo gigs. I was planning on putting the original stuff on the backburner while I worked out some familiar covers to get some paying gigs. It wasn't exactly the greatest plan. I wasn't in love with the idea, but I felt the need to use my musical talents to gain some easy cash. Money has been tight and I don't want to get an extra job. How can I make money without getting a second job? Play music. It made sense.

Suddenly, I found myself playing in a band. I hooked up with a couple musicians and we began reworking some of my original songs into band songs.

I welcomed the detour from the previous plan because I really wasn't that excited about playing cover gigs anyway. A band was something that I had wan…