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Adventure with Aphrodite

I met her on a dating site. I saw her pictures. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

When I wrote her, I wasn’t expecting to get a response. Most women of her level of beauty have no time for the likes of me. I even stated in my pathetic message, "You're out of my league." To my surprise, she wrote me right back.

We proceeded to exchange a few messages. I gave her my phone number and she called right away. We talked on the phone for three hours. She lives in New Jersey, but she's getting her master’s degree in Albany by taking classes on weekends. She stays at a hotel when she is in town. I asked her out. We planned to go out this past Saturday.

For the purpose of this story, her name is irrelevant. However, I shall for here on out refer to her as Aphrodite.

When I got to Aphrodite’s hotel Saturday night, I called her to let her know I had arrived. She said she saw me pull up and was sitting in the gazebo. I saw the gazebo. I watched her stand up and I stopped breathing. The woma…