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Tonight, I'm going to see Stardust! I'm pretty excited about it because the movie Stardust is created from the book Stardust, which was written by Neil Gaiman, who is my favorite author ever. I'm quite prepared for the movie to not reach the same expectations that the book did, so as not to be let down. Still, I think it will be a pretty great movie. Also, if the movie as a whole isn't just-like-the-book, some of it will be. Those parts will be exciting to watch, to say the least.

On another note, I'll be doing some cell phone shopping. I'm hoping to upgrade to something that has mp3 capabilities -- not because I'm a tech savvy cell phone geek, rather, I simply want to listen to music at random times and I don't want to carry around a cell phone and an mp3 player.

Finally, I need to get a pair of shorts for the cruise that I'll be leaving for next weekend. It's a honeymoon. Wow. I'm getting married in a week!