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Sometimes I Feel Like Superman

Bob Schneider has a song in which he says, "Sometimes I feel like Superman; sometimes I'm just recuperating." And said line applies so often in my life that I feel it should be my motto or creed or disclaimer for poor performance ("I saved the world yesterday... and as such, I'm taking things easy today. So, no -- I'm not done with that report yet.").

Today, Sunday (10/10/10 -- mind you!) -- and most likely tomorrow, as well -- I'm recuperating. In fact, as today has wore on, I have felt more and more like I'm 90 years old or something. My body... aches... for lack of a better word. Yesterday, I mowed the lawn and trimmed some bushes using hedge clippers. There was one branch of a lilac bush that was tall and I attempted to cut it off at about my height. I lifted the clippers above my head and chopped as hard as I could muster (it was a thick-ish branch). Something in my shoulder "popped" or "snapped." I can't really be su…