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Snow Days

It's winter time--there's no more doubting about it. We got three feet of snow in two days, I think. Crazy. What's most crazy about it is that all the local schools closed for three days! Not one, not two, but three. Which means that kids got an extra long vacation as this current week is their winter break. This also means that teachers and substitute teachers and school counselors and principals and what not, all get get extra time off too. It's a great benefit of working in the education system. Breaks and snow days--you can't beat that!

So, in this free time that I have, I have been setting up some gigs with the area venues. I have a couple dates set in stone, but I still need to hear back from a few other places. I'm planning on gigging like crazy for April, May, and June. I might play one in July too.

I'm also learning some new covers and trying to write a new song or two. I've fallen in love with the Gin Blossoms again. They were one of my favortie…