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There wasn't enough milk this morning for both a bowl of cereal and a hot chocolate. I had a difficult decision to make. On the one hand, hot chocolate is smooth and warm and tasty. Plus you get to sip hot chocolate and you don't have to use a spoon (except for the initial stirring, of course). On the other hand, Fruity Pebbles (yes, I eat a kid's cereal) have a great texture and, obviously, taste "fruity."

I opted for the hot chocolate and it was a good decision. I am sipping the warm, smooth drink in between typing and watching the Foo Fighters concert that I DVRd from the High Def music channel. I also DVRd an Oasis concert will most likely watch that tomorrow.

I don't know why, but the Foo Fighters have steadily crept up into the fictional top ten list of favorite bands that I pretend I have. Since late last year, I haven't been able to escape the band. The radio stations that I like have played a few of their newer songs and I couldn't help but l…