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A Good Blogging

I haven't done a good blogging in a couple of weeks. I have been sick, you see, and so there hasn't been much music-making going on. Today, I went to a friend's house and tried out his drums (I suck -- although, I sucked a lot less after four songs than I did when I started) and played his guitar. We were having trouble getting anything going, but really had a rock-out moment with Lonely 'Ol Night by John Mellencamp. Playing a friend's instruments made me miss my own and so after coming home from the friend's house, I played my guitar for a little while. I actually started writing a song, until -- after singing and rhyming about the garage sale we had last weekend -- I realized that I didn't have anything to write about. So, I stopped playing.

While at the friend's house I got to watch some of the video of me and my friend and another friend playing for the banquet/dinner thing that I was talking about a few posts back. We looked and sounded good. Howev…