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This past Thursday, I met with a friend who up until very recently worked at a car dealership. I was hoping he would be the guy who could give us an honest deal on a new car for Stephanie, but, since he doesn't work there any more, I asked him for some inside tips on the best possible pricing I should be able to get. The meeting was very helpful to me, as I was uncertain as to what I should expect for realistic deals. Now I know. Let the negotiating begin.

After the meeting (at Uncommon Grounds -- paper cup, in case you were wondering), I attended open mic. I played Wildflowers by Tom Petty again and Road to Nowhere. For Road to Nowhere, Zach Edwards played djimbe and he did a fabulous job. Faith also joined me and did background vocals.

I took a picture of the list:

Willie debuted a new song that I think is called Janitor. He is a janitor, you see, as well as a song writer. The song was awesome. It had the typically Willie wit and sounded really good. I took a picture:

Later on, Rik…