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Anyone Analyze Dreams?

I had a very late night last night and a very strange dream some time after going to sleep. If anyone has any skill (or not) at analyzing dreams, please take a shot at this one:

In the dream, I had just gotten a new job in a busy office area. I have no idea what the job was, but I met many people who worked there (some were people that I actually know). On my first day, I met one young woman who worked there. Her name was Regina Spektor. I kept trying to talk to her and she didn't seem to want to talk to me. At the end of the work day, we walked out of the office together and stopped at her van. She needed a plastic bag to put some stuff in and, so, I went to find one. I returned later (not sure where I had gone) bruised and bloody with torn clothes. Regina hugged me tightly for a moment and pulled away. I wouldn't let go of her. She gave me a weird look and broke away, got in her van. As she started the van and pulled away, I told her that she had a nice body. Later that night…