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Rolling Stones

THRRRRRRBBBBBPFFFFFFFFF (that's the sound you make when you stick your tongue in between your lips and blow air into your cheeks; often you make this sound when you've become completely frustrated with life and everything that comes along with it)

It is Thursday and it is 7:32pm, which means that at Caffe Lena, Kate Blain (who is hosting tonight) is explaining how the drawing of names for the sign up works just before she begins drawing names from the big shiny bowl. The fact that I am writing this in a blog means one of two things: a) I am sitting at Caffe Lena and I have a laptop computer with wireless internet capabilities, which would mean I could afford such a thing or I stole one... or b) I am home and not at Lena's at all.

'b' of course, is the right answer, and I'm not happy about it.

Although, I am FINALLY starting to feel a little better. The last few days have been awful, just awful. Wicked sinus infection (the doctor agreed and prescribed antibiotics)…