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Cookies and Cream

Tonight I decided I would take a walk. Once I had my sneakers on and my hoodie zipped up, I decided I would walk some place that had ice cream. That some place turned out to be Stewart's and the ice cream that I got was cookies and cream. On my way home, which was a different way than my way there, I realized something about my town: it feels like a different town when you are walking it than when you are driving it. In fact, I felt like I was in some one else's town and the people in cars that drove by were people who didn't live in my town and who most certainly didn't know me. It was an odd feeling and the ice cream melted quicker than I thought it would.

Interestingly enough, I developed my thoughts about being a stranger in my own town after running into a friend and her tiny, cute dog at Stewart's. So strange that you can go from having a conversation with someone you know to feeling like you are some place other than the place that you've lived for the pa…