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Blog Date: 2.15.2010. Engage.

I'm lying in bed and I just watched TV on my laptop. Technology is pretty cool. Today, I signed up for NetFlix, just after returning my evil cable box to the firey chasm from whence it came! (okay, so the cable box isn't really that evil. The 80 dollars it was costing me on the hand...). I also exchanged the phone modem for the internet only converter. All in all, I'll be saving about a hundred dollars a month. And NetFlix appears to be better than DVR capabilities ever was! And it's only 8.99 a month! Hoo-ahhh!

This past Sunday, I spent most of the day at Uncommon Grounds in Saratoga. My plan was to venture to the mall too, and have dinner some place else entirely. I ended up just reading and surfing for a full eight hours! (I think it's my record amount of time spent in a coffee shop).

On Saturday, I wrote the following but didn't post it because I didn't have web capabilities:

I find myself sitting in Dunkin Donuts in Amsterda…