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Lazer Tag

When I was younger -- and I don't mean 5 or 6; more like, 15, 16, 23, etc. -- I played laser tag often enough to say I was an avid player, but not often enough to say I was an obsessive laser tag nerd. Last night, Stephanie's friend Leigha had a birthday party, to which she invited many friends, and we played laser tag. It was wicked fun. There was about 25 of us. Our ages ranged from early twenties to early thirties. We were split evenly into two teams and joined up with some middle school aged girls. I came in first place for my team, but third place over all. Two people on the other team found the bases (which is the way to score major points), but I couldn't find them. I scored most of my points by hiding and picking people off as they walked by. And by shooting the sensor-things that are randomly placed about the arena.

The last time I played laser tag, was six years ago. My friends and I had been playing every few months for something different to do. We mostly had f…