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I haven't blogged in forever! Well, over a week anyway...

I've tried to sit down and do this a couple of times, but I just didn't have the energy.

Well, I'm energized now (a little).

I played at MochaBlend on Saturday (which is the biggest music related news this blog has seen in some time). The crowd was sparse, but for a cafe gig it was appropriate. It was snowy out and the roads were nasty, so the fact that there was a crowd at all was fantastic! Also, they listened! Yay! And I played quite well. Overall, I am very pleased with my performance. I didn't do a set list, but I later jotted down most of the songs that I played in something that is close to the order in which they were played. Here they are:

Road to Nowhere
Until I fall Away
Rainbow Connection
Sink or Swim
Ring of Fire
Behold! The Knight
Falling Slowly
Walking; Standing Still
Red Shift
Phila St. Serenade
House of the Rising Sun

... I think I forgot one or two... but it's close…