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Of Which a Blogger Has Nothing Better to do While He Awaits the Ripping of a CD

I have a few minutes while I wait for a CD to copy; I might as well blog for a bit.

Stephanie got a part in a musical and she bought the CD of the original cast recordings so that she can practice. I don't think I could handle hearing showtunes played on the house CD player; so, I offerend to rip the CD and put the MP3s on her MP3 player. That way, I can't hear the show tunes when she is listening to them. Can you sense the gigantic smile that I'm wearing? My computer is in the process of the ripping...


This past Thursday at open mic I played the unnamed cover song and Road to Nowhere. For some reason I was quite nervous while playing the cover song (probably because I forgot a line the week before). Even so, I received some nice compliments regarding my performance.

I'm also adding some other covers to my repetoire: Wildflowers and Won't Back Down by Tom Petty to name a few.

I still won't name the super, wicked, awesome cover though :)


Computer is done…