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Of Things In Which I'm Not Doing Right Now and a Bunch of Other Stuff

I should be mowing my lawn... it's not a jungle, but it's close. If you were to drive my house you might think, "That person should mow his lawn." But, you wouldn't think, "That person NEVER mows his lawn! He should get a ticket!" I should also be doing the dishes or folding the laundry or cleaning the back porch.

At seven o'clock on a weekday, and being in the current state-of-being that I find myself in, I do not think I can pull off any of these tasks.

If I started to mow the lawn, it would be dark before I finished. If I cleaned the back porch, I would need to clean it again Friday (and I have taken Friday off from work and will have all day long to do chores) and why would I want to clean it twice? I could fold the laundry, but I have already been taking clean clothes out of the baskets that they are currently in and why would I want to ruin that good thing by actually folding it? And the dishes? Eff the effing dishes.

I'm truly burned out li…