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Lena's (I'm recycling a title)

I attended open mic night last night. I played Endless and Road to Nowhere. It was a good night overall, as everyone played great songs. I had a little bit of fun experimenting with my new Razr (which is a cell phone and has picture and video capabilities).

Here I am in the side room. The Caffé Lena "house" guitar is behind me.

These next ones are of the backroom when I was warming up (the camera has a timer on it and if you lean the phone up against something, then you can take a picture of yourself).

Phil Drum solo.

Another of Phil; this one with Stephanie in a close up.

And Bob Redman, with Phil Drum, Dave Scheffel, and Willie the Moak.

Then, this one is of Rik Kent from last week. I forgot I had taken it.

I took some video last night, too. But I am unable to post it yet, as the phone takes video in some weird format that nothing else can read. At least, nothing else on my computer can read it. I have to get something that can change the format to an mpeg. Then, I'll post so…