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It's late at night and I feel like writing. Not exactly sure why... there is a lot on my mind, I guess. A lot has been going this past week.

On Monday I had to go to a conference in Lake Placid for my work. Overall, it was okay. I learned new stuff for work. I bonded with my bosses. I made some new friends. But, I didn't want to go in the first place; so, all the good that came of it just sort of evened out my overall feelings instead of boosting them.

While at the conference, I had a rock star experience. I had my guitar with me and I played for a large group of conference attendees. They were drinking and some or most of them might have been wasted. After playing a song and receiving an intense round of applause, I found the hooded sweatshirt that I was wearing on top of a long sleeve polo shirt to be too much. So, I took it off... and, in dramatic fashion, tossed it into the center of the group. The act caused much excitement and they clapped and were generally noisy when I …