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Caribbean Cruise & Hollywood, Fl Jan/Feb 2017 Part 2

1/30/17 12:30pm Key Lime Pie Company, Just off Duval St, Key West, Florida
I slept fairly well despite loud thumping music coming from the lounge one floor below me. When booking this room, I was aware of the lounge and possible noise issue, but the lounge on my last cruise was lame and the parties died down by 10pm each night if they even lasted that long. On this ship, there are comedy shows in the lounge and for some reason they require thumping music.
I awoke just before 8am and I turned over to go back to sleep. However, the cruise director came on the loud speaker and said that we have docked and are ready for Key West, which excited me.

I laid in bed for about twenty minutes (I’m a 
slow waker) and then started my morning
routine. I put on long pants and a long sleeve
shirt and packed shorts in my man bag. I wore
sandals and went to the Lido Buffet for 
I ate on the enclosed aft deck (I think that’s what
they are calling it). Then I walked to the top 
deck to check out the view…