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It's six o'clock and trick or treat has begun in my town. It's raining and dreary and I'm certain that trick or treaters are soaked and sobbing as they trip over their costumes up people's porches for a fun size candy bar. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper use up less time to just go to the store and buy a bag of candy rather than buying a costume. I'm just thinking logistically.

I'm home and most likely will be for the night. A party that I was invited to was canceled due to the host's unsuspected being sick. I'm hoping to go out tonight, but my friends are not. They are staying in because of the late night last night.

Last night, was a block party. I dressed up as the Crow (picture in previous post) and hated it. The make up took forever to put on, didn't come out good to begin with, and felt strange on my face. It was hard to wash off and I look creepy in all of the pictures that were taken. (Wait. That last part is a good thing. It was a Hal…