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Allergies--A Lost Blog

I just realized that I wrote this blog entry back in August, but I never posted it. I don't remember why I didn't post it... and since I'm lacking anything new to blog about, here it is:

AUGUST 16th, 2006

Here I sit suffering from itchy watery eyes, sore throat, and sinus pressure... gosh, I sound like I should be in a NyQuil commercial. I love NyQuil--you giant ____________ Q. Actually, my symptoms aren't quite what I mentioned. I itch. My eyes, my sinuses, my throat--it all itches... and like mad too! It seems to get like this every August. Yes, I am taking stuff; it's just not making it all go away, which is what I want.

Besides the allergies, I have interesting stuff to blog about here. So, let the interesting stuff begin!

I got a new PA system! It's pretty phat--yes, phat. It is phat because the guitar sounds warm with a good amount bass supporting it. It is also phat becuase the vocals are nice. Although, I'm saying these things without actually field tes…