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Nutrition Bars and Other Silliness

Last night, some Lena's friends played a show at... er, Lena's. Kate Blain and Gary Moon, who play together quite often and harmonize on each other's songs, have been playing with Phil Henry for a year in support of their songwriter trio project called Detour. The Lena's show was their farewell performance as a group (though, I suggested they should have a reunion show every year). Firstly, they sounded amazing!

(Time Out: I am afraid that I am beginning to sound like a critic reviewing the show... I don't want to do that. So, I'm going to attempt to not write a review... wish me luck)

Some highlights for me:
Gary Moon's version of Phil Henry's Broken.
Kate Blain's performance of Gary's How to Forgive.
Gary's Loser Town, which is a song that I love on his CD, but have never heard him do live.
A more rock version of Kate's song The Good Life.
The trio's version of America by Simon and Garfunkel.

... and now I'm drawing a blank. I rememb…