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Eighty Two

It is approximately fifty years before I will eighty-two. The only reason that I allow myself to think about that is because today is the 50th Anniversary Celebration for Caffe Lena. And as I relax, by sipping an iced coffee at Uncommon Grounds, after a long day of helping celebrate and being immersed in the history of the first fifty years of the Caffe, I can't help but wonder how they will celebrate the one hundred year anniversary (centennial?). Will there even be musicians then? Or will there just be robots that play midi? Truthfully, if any one place in the entire world that WILL still have live humans playing instruments and singing, it will be Caffe Lena. And when you materialize in Saratoga Springs, and people look at you like you are insane for physically carrying an oddly shaped brief case (guitar case), Caffe Lena will still be there next to the Jetson's home, and you will still walk up that tight little staircase into that cozy little room.

I may or may not be there…