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Stepping Outside

I named the upcoming album Stepping Outside. This may sound familiar as the phrase is an integral part of my song For the First Time. I almost named For the First TimeStepping Outside, but decided that For the First Time fit better as the name of the song.

Stepping Outside works really well for the title of the album. Being that it's my first album, Stepping Outside is an indication that I'm putting myself out there. While I have been playing my songs for a long time at open mics and in videos and home recordings, this album is the first time that I have made my songs what I believe they are meant to be (full band, additional instruments). And I'm putting them out there in that form.

The other piece to this title is that Stepping Outside is a metaphor for experiencing things (I know; it's broad). The collection of songs on this album are all experiences (when are songs not experiences, though?).

The point is, it works as a title for the album.

I'm still not entir…